90-95% of the Corn and Soybeans grown locally are a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Genes from outside of the Corn or Soybean genome are added to create herbicide and insect resistance. Many GMO Corn and Soybean Crops are genetically engineered to be sprayed with a herbicide that would normally kill a natural plant. These chemistries include glyphosate (RoundUp), glufosinate (Liberty), dicamba (Xtend), 2, 4-d (Enlist). In addition to links to chronic human health effects, soil health and off target crops and trees can be damaged. Many GMO Corn crops are also genetically engineered to produce one or multiple proteins that kill insect larvae such as European Corn Borer, Corn Rootworm, and Corn Earworm. These pests can create a great amount of damage and can require application of insecticides in an un balanced system. However, chronic human health effects, soil biology effects, and animal effects have been noted as unintended consequences of their use. We use no-till, cover crops, crop rotation and grazing to reduce weed challenges. We also use biologically based nutrient products which fortify plants to resist pests without the need for GMO.

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Bacon Ends

variable pkg size
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