Project OINK has begun. We are bringing hogs back to the land in Henry County, IL - the Hog Capital of the World!
Slow Cooking Bundle

Slow Cooking Bundle

Save 11% with a purchase of a Slow Cooking bundle!

Put these selections in your slow cooker in the morning and come home to delicious, nutrient dense, wholesome goodness for supper.

Life long Pastured Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef Items: 

1 Brisket Flat (3.0 avg) 

2 Pkgs Short Ribs (1.25 avg) 

1 Arm Roast (bone-in) (3.7 avg) 

1 Rolled Rump Roast (boneless) (2.25 avg)

1 Oxtail (2.5 avg)

3 Pkgs Stew Meat (1.0 avg)

Mobile Pastured Chicken Items: 

2 pkgs Chicken Frames for soup or broth) (3.0 avg)

Updated 7/5/20