1/3 lb Ground Beef Patties (85/15)

1/3 lb Ground Beef Patties (85/15)

3 patties/pkg
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You don't want to miss out on our patties that are perfect for grilling out! Already prepared, these patties are quick and easy to cook!

Our 1/3 lb Ground Beef Patties are 85% Lean, 15% Fat, and 100% Grass Fed & Finished!Grass fed and finished beef has a reputation of being dry, flavorless, and tough. However, we raise our grass fed and finished beef in a way that allows the meat to be the utter most opposite of that while still bringing you the health benefits. Specifically the increase in healthy Omega three fats that promote brain health, skin health and heart health!

This package includes 3 patties with varying weights anywhere from .98 - 1.02 pounds.

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