1 lb Ground Beef (85/15)

1 lb Ground Beef (85/15)

1 lb pkg - 85% Lean
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Are you wanting a healthy, tasty, and hearty protein option? Our finest, 100% Grass-Fed ground beef is the way to go! At Grateful Graze, we are dedicated to satisfying your taste buds while also prioritizing your nutritional needs. Whether you enjoy grilling burgers for your family or making yummy tacos for taco Tuesdays, we guarantee you’ll love our quality ground beef!

Grass-fed and finished beef has a reputation of being dry, flavorless, and tough. However, we raise our grass-fed and finished beef in a way that allows the meat to be the uttermost opposite of that while still bringing you the health benefits. Specifically the increase in healthy Omega three fats that promote brain health, skin health and heart health! 

Our Ground Beef is 85% lean, 15% Fat, and 100% Grass-Fed & Finished!

Order from Grateful Graze to ensure that your meat is satisfactory!