Arm "pot" Roast

Arm "pot" Roast

1 roast/pkg
$9.95/lb. Avg. 2.25lb .
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This cut comes from the shoulder area which is known for its rich flavor. It's best to cook slowly such as in a slow cooker for 6+ hours to get the flavor and consistency you will savor!

At Grateful Graze, we are dedicated to satisfying your taste buds while also prioritizing your nutritional needs.

Grass-fed and finished beef has a reputation of being dry, flavorless, and tough. However, we raise our grass-fed and finished beef in a way that allows the meat to be the uttermost opposite of that while still bringing you health benefits. Specifically the increase in healthy omega-three fats that promote brain health, skin health, and heart health.

Order from Grateful Graze to ensure that your meat is satisfactory!