Pasture Raised Eggs

1/22 UPDATE: Good News! We just had a first 3 Pullet eggs yesterday. SUPPLY: There is a 2 dozen TOTAL limit per order. If you order more than 2 dozen, we will remove them from your order. We apologize for limited supplies. PRICES: We've had to increase some prices due to increased feed costs and winter weather impacts. STANDARD: Our Eggs are raised free range on pasture in a hen house that we move daily to fresh green grass during the grazing season. In the winter, we feed them grass hay to make sure they stay healthy. They are fed home grown Non-GMO feed made on our farm. Eggs are for ranch pickup and home delivery only. NOSH in Geneseo and Cornucopia in Galesburg offers our eggs for purchase in store. Sorry, we do not ship scrambled eggs via UPS, yet!