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Grass Fed Lamb

Lamb Shoulder

$11.95/lb. Avg. 1.5 lb.

Lamb Leg

$10.95/lb. Avg. 1.45 lb.

Lamb Porterhouse

3 cuts per package
$14.95/lb. Avg. 12.8 oz.

Lamb Loin Roast

$18.95/lb. Avg. 12 oz.

Lamb Heart and Tongue

$5.49/lb. Avg. 6.4 oz.

Lamb Shank

$8.49/lb. Avg. 5.6 oz.

Lamb Bones

$6.49/lb. Avg. 2.25 lb.

Lamb Liver

$4.49/lb. Avg. 15.2 oz.

Ground Lamb

$10.95/lb. Avg. 15.7 oz.